Welcome to Tire Penz UK

Let the road see you coming. When we first looked into the market for a tyre paint pen, we noticed there was limited options and those that were available simply did not live up to their promise. We tried paint that did not stick to rubber and the quality was so poor the paint would fall off and wilt in the sun. We tried red paint that would become a pinkish rust in a day and white paint that disintegrated after one use. We wanted a paint that was durable and was worthy of gracing our tyres.

Our manufacturers set off to make tyre paint pens and after months of tinkering in the garage and dozens of tyres later, Tire Penz, was born. Our mission from the start has always been to provide high quality products that our customers would be proud to put on their tyres. Here at Tire Penz we love our products and think you will love them as well. Whether you are painting your sidewalls, or riding your motorbike down the road in freshly painted treads, Tire Penz has you ‘covered’.

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